Vice Golf Apparel: West Coast Vibes on the Golf Course

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” collection addresses an emotional world that is quite familiar among most golfers. There is often not much between elation and total frustration: the new collection includes performance polos, shorts, and crewnecks, but also fancy lifestyle pieces, as you will see below. Vice Golf apparel is available exclusively at

While the aforementioned Alumni collection is aimed at the traditional, classic golf lover, the bulk of the Crylater collection is for the extroverted, flamboyant golfer who celebrates illustrations and motifs and shows off their character to the outside world. The West Coast inspired color scheme gives the collection numerous occasions to be worn: Whether it’s on the golf course, at the beach, or just in casual downtime with your buddies. With the slogan “Laugh Now Cry Later” you’re sure to always be able to open a theme.

VG – a new logo creation 

Inspired by design worlds outside of sports, the interlocking VG (Vice Golf) logo is the latest illustration of our Vice Golf logo and adorns the chest of the “Next Up” performance polos. The short stand-up collar with snaps gives the polos a true performance look, and the breathable, flexible perforated material could also make this shirt a running polo. The different material construction between the front and back is designed for the athletic golf swing, promoting maximum flexibility and comfort in the swing. At a price of $69, you can look long and hard to get this price-performance ratio.   

The only Vice Golf long sleeve within the collection likewise bears the VG logo on the collar, ideal for cool late summer mornings – when the twill look can be gradually shed. The high-quality cotton underlines that design and quality can go hand in hand. The perfect match is achieved when combining the longsleeve with our LNCL (Laugh Now, Cry Later) vest.

On the lifestyle side, there are four shirts with different forms of the VG application – from the small chest logo to the centered, large logo on the front of the shirt; these logo variations are available in different colors (gray, light blue, white, dark blue). The collection also includes sweatshorts to accompany you during a workout, a relaxed Sunday on the couch, or even a little driving range session.

The VG logo on the left leg is the color accent on the otherwise clean shorts. Only the LNCL Reversible Mesh Shorts brings a surprise: They can be worn on both sides – some will turn them around when they are too dirty, and others will turn them around to combine different outfits… It’s up to you! 

The VG Satin Coach Jacket

A piece of art that works without explanation: The ROYAL BLUE coach jacket combined with bold letters in ICY WHITE will give you maximum attention on the first tee…but not only there, we’ve seen this button-down front, shiny finish, and a golf-styled collar worn late at night at the bar as well, standing out no matter what! The vibrant West Coast inspired blue, accompanied by a fun-first philosophy, makes this collection a blast to wear. Embrace Your Vice and laugh now; you can cry later!

Laugh Now, Cry Later – A golfer’s state of mind visualized

The collection’s motto is usually found very dominant and conspicuous on the pieces: a golf ball duo that combines the two emotional worlds of golfers in one visual – inspired by the world of masked balls. 

“Just when you think you have it all figured out” printed in small print below the visual, recalls the feeling when putts went into the hole from all angles and you thought you had become a master of golf, only to hook the next tee shot out of nowhere and come crashing down to earth.

This collection was made to grind it out – from the range to the post-round pick-me-up beer. Embrace Your Vice – it’s okay to laugh & cry in this game. Available at

Free Returns, Free Exchanges

The release of our new apparel edition has also brought a customer-friendly change where returns will be on us as well as exchanges if you accidentally chose the wrong size on the website. To avoid exchanges and returns, we have done our best to create a size guide that will leave no questions unanswered. The size assistant will give you the most likely size recommendation, from the size and weight to the preferred fit.