Vice Paisley – playfully interpreted patterns

Being the best dressed on the course [or a night out] is never a bad thing. With the new Paisley collection, you take your fashion and game to the next level with these laid-back summer colors and tasteful patterns.

We are excited to share this new line with you and are proud to have supported your golf addiction since 12.12.12. The Paisley collection combines pure performance materials with playful, Vice-interpreted Paisley patterns so that you will find subtle hints like a “V,” “embrace your vice,” or other details on the polo shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, and other items. It might as well be called the “Summer is Ours” collection. Mix some pastel tones, and add subtle hints of Vice Golf throughout the paisley pattern. At the collection’s cornerstone are some waterproof windbreakers that feel necessary when you’re absolutely dripped out. 

We´ll take a deeper look at the single pieces and point out some thing you may not directly see on the website:

The Paisley Looks

A classic cotton-polyester mix polo with plenty of flexibility to move and strike a pose in the finish position. The hidden button bar, the Vice Golf logo on the chest, the “V’s” on side seams, and the Embrace Your Vice flag are what you see from the inside. Our credo, “Happily supporting your addiction since 12.12.12,” is placed along the inside of the collar. The subtle Vice Golf hints inside the pattern are made for true Vice Golf fans and those who have a passion for detail. Coming in Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose, you can match your style with a handful of items: Whether it´s the waterproof pair of shorts in Dusty Blue, the hooded, waterproof windbreaker in Dusty Rose or the windbreaker in both Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose, the style will be on your side. And if you feel like a night out at the bar, grab the shirts and hoodies in Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose to complete your Paisley look! 

The Vengeance Polos

When the owner of a fashion brand, a golf pro, and a couple of ordinary mortal employees get together and define the best possible polo, chances are the result will be something to behold: Vengeance polos, available in CLOUD, OLIVE and BLACK, combine everything golfers need from pro level to beginner status: The pros don’t want the polo to interfere with their movement, it should move harmoniously with the energetic turn and get the maximum length out of the shot – beginners already have this requirement, but with a little less consistency and dynamism. The athletic mock-neck, the snap buttons, the high spandex content, and the breathable material make the Vengeance polo shirt a highlight among polos. After some wear tests and initial customer feedback, we can congratulate the guys and gals behind the polo development: with the Vengeance Polo, you’ll be happy to be seen on the golf course – ideal to combine with the Embrace Shorts in CLOUD or OLIVE.

This complete look, complemented only by the matching Fitted Cap lifts almost all golfers in the style Olympus and ensures that misses or bad ball contacts are not because the polo is stuck somewhere or does not move with you.

Well equipped in any weather

Opinions are divided when it comes to whether or not golf works with a hood. A look at the tour reveals that the trend is toward the hoodie and thus the hood. At Vice Golf, we didn’t have a clear answer to the question and solved it this way by simply offering windbreakers with hoods and windbreakers without hoods. The use case for both models is a round of golf under overcast skies, with wind and raindrops, as you just want to maintain your previously good golf game for the moment, even if the floodgates open. Features include back ventilation, water-resistant material, side pockets, and a fixation strap for size adjustment. Design details include stitched “V’s” on the side seams and an italic VICE GOLF lettering on the chest.

Take a look at the collection, get inspired, feel the vibe and accessorize. Most of the questions you have will be explained on the website. Whether it’s the size guide (small tool on each product page), return policy and exchange (free, but think about the environment!), or just the material composition of each piece. We made every effort to help you with the product advice and look forward to seeing the Paisley collection on the world’s fairways again!