In 2023, Vice Golf partnered with HIO Labs - Europe’s largest fitting studio - in an unprecedented challenge to established golf club development strategies.

Unlocking Your True Potential

The Secret To Real Player Development

Unlocking Your True Potential


fitting hours

> 300.000

clubs sold and hand built

> 5 mil

shots tracked and analyzed


years experience in fitting

For the past 15 years, HIO Labs has been on a relentless quest to gather data from millions of golf swings across the globe, from weekend warriors with high handicaps to seasoned club professionals. Utilizing cutting-edge tracking technology, we've amassed an unparalleled treasure trove of swing data that has been the backbone of the revolutionary Vice Golf clubs and golf balls.

Imagine this: millions of swings, each unique, captured, and analyzed to uncover the hidden secrets of the perfect stroke. Our experts at HIO Labs have meticulously dissected these swings, identifying and categorizing player types with absolute precision. It's this deep dive into the swing dynamics of everyday golfers that has allowed us to pinpoint the distinct strengths and weaknesses of each player type.

Welcome to the Future of Golf

Welcome to the Future of Golf

This isn't just about clubs and balls; it's about crafting golf gear that amplifies your strengths and shores up your weaknesses. Our mission is clear: to help you unleash your full potential on the course. This player-focused approach puts real, everyday golfers at the heart of development, revolutionizing the industry.


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