Pro Soft

- 3-Piece
- New glossy, shiny finish
- New 318 large dimple design
- High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for higher ball speed and distance off the tee

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- 3-Piece
- Extra-thin cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short-game spin
- 318 large dimple design for stable trajectory
- Optimized for higher ball speed and tremendous driver distance

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Pro Plus

- 4-Piece
- Size-increased High Energy Speed Core (HESC)
- Highly durable 336 dimple design
- Elastic dual mantle for low driver spin and increased carry distance

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- 3-Piece
- Enhanced DuPont™ Surlyn© cover
- Extremely tough and cut-resistant cover
- 392 dimple design

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- 2-Piece
- DuPont™ Surlyn© cover
- Extremely tough and cut-resistant cover
- New 312 large dimple pattern

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Variety Pack 2020

- Provate tutti i nostri 5 modelli senza rischi con la nostra garanzia "soddisfatti o rimborsati" (60 giorni) - In esclusiva per i NUOVI CLIENTI e i "BALL FITTER" abbiamo ribassato il prezzo di oltre il 24%. - 12 palline a soli € 21,99

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vice drive

  • from 12 balls€ 1,29 / ball
  • from 60 balls€ 1,09 / ball

vice tour

  • from 12 balls€ 1,99 / ball
  • from 60 balls€ 1,59 / ball

vice pro models

  • from 12 balls€ 2,99 / ball
  • from 60 balls€ 2,49 / ball

vice pro plus model

  • from 12 balls€ 2,99 / ball
  • from 60 balls€ 2,49 / ball

Vice Golf offers premium golf balls for unbeatable prices. The golf balls are engineered in Germany and feature sophisticated technology and unique design. Without golf balls, there is no golf. Keeping plenty of golf balls in your bag is an essential part of the game, especially in those unfortunate moments in the rough, sand or water. Our online golf ball selection offers several types of golf balls: professional, ladies golf balls, printed golf balls, colored and novelty options. Plus, with our in-house customization capabilities, you can personalize your balls with your name or logo. Explore our many options to find the perfect golf ball for your game!

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