Balls according to your taste

  • Single or double-sided golf ball customization
  • Starting from one dozen
  • Optional logo check by Vice Golf team
  • Fast shipping within 14-21 business days
  • Available from an additional €0,19 / ball
  • No setup fees


Customize your Vice Golf balls easily with your desired text- one to three lines with text in different color options. Whether you're sending birthday greetings, typing your initials or just a snappy saying: There are no limits to your creativity.
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Have you ever thought about customizing your ball with a photo of your family, your pet or just a snapshot from your last vacation? Easily doable with our customization tool: Simply upload the desired logo in at least 600px600px to ensure the quality of the image, position it and you will receive your printed golf balls.
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Most popular is the customization of company logos, team logos and own logo creations. There are almost no limits - upload your logo and be sure to recognize your ball immediately on your next round of golf! If you have any questions about color fastness, special packaging or express shipping, you can always contact us by phone or email at [email protected]
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Looking to improve your overall aim? A ball alignment aid can be a real game changer. Whether you're lining up on the green or looking to hit the middle of the fairway from the tee, an alignment aid will not only help you visualize your shot by providing a visual representation of your aim but also help you create a neutral club face setup that's square to the target. However, we know every golfer is different, and that's why our Ball Alignment Customization Tool allows you to select the alignment aid that feels most natural to you. Customize now, and tee up with confidence!
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We're here to help

If you're stuck for ideas, we offer you a variety of ready-made logos for you to rely on our creativity - from shamrocks to Christmas icons to diamonds, we have prepared over 100 logo examples for you.

Vice golf ball printing technology


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