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Vice Duffle Bag

Vice Duffle Bag

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Discover your ultimate Vice Golf travel companions: our versatile backpack and spacious duffle bag, designed to carry your world with ease and style.


Going from A to B shouldn't just be about efficiency. The sleek design featuring Vice Golf detailing across the bag ensures you'll stand out of the crowd against a backdrop of dull suitcases, holdalls, and carry bags.


Designed with lightweight and highly durable fabrics that feature a water-repellent coating, this duffle bag has been developed to keep your essentials protected. The zippered pockets create secure closures that will keep valuables such as wallets and keys safely in place.


Crafted with an easily adjustable padded strap and 2 carry handles, the bag is the perfect everyday holdall. Keep all your essentials in one place, whether you're hitting the fairways, going to the gym, or taking a vacation, and stay organized with the extra pockets.